Gothuruthu Performance & Chavittu Nadakam Centre

Gothuruthu was cattle grazing land, owned by Paliath Achan in olden times. This centre is famous for the art form "Chavittu Nadakam". Portraying Christian history, it is a blend of traditional Portuguese art form brought by Portuguese missionaries to this coastal area and local art forms. In this new hybrid art form, the performers stamp their feet hard into the wooden stage to make a loud noise, which gave the form its name: 'Chavittu Nadakam', literally 'stamping drama'. In a typical show, there would be 150-200 people on stage. Now the performers are down to 75 and the duration of a show is shortened to 2-3 hours. The Chavittu Nadakam performers now perform on Gothuruthu Island, where the Kerala Chavittu Nataka Academy has been established. Chavittu Nadakam is performed annually in January, at the church in Cheria Pallamthuruthu, in connection with St. Stephen's festival.

Gothuruthu is also popular for its boat race or Vallamkali, generally performed in September. Chundan Vallom or snake boat and Iruttukuthy Vallom participate in the annual boat race. Both the valloms are with the church under St. Sebastian Club. Gothuruthu Church, situated at the centre of the village attracts many devotees. A school, approximately 100 years old is close to the church. Gothuruthu is also famous for its Portuguese-inspired cuisine which includes over 100 varieties of sea-food recipes.

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