Kizhthali Siva Temple, Kottappuram

According to Keralolpathi, Kizhthali Siva Temple existed during the Perumal reign (B.C 113-AD 343). During the time of the Chera dynasty, who were Shaivates, believers of Lord Shiva, the kings had many advisors, usually nambuthiris. These ministers or advisors customarily gathered at a Shiva temple called Thali. There were so many Shiva temples in and around this main temple such as Melthali, Nediyathali and Chingapuram Thali.

Kizhthali temple was first destroyed by the Portuguese and then Dutch. Then Tipu's army destroyed it further, except the garbagriham, which still stands. In its original glory, the temple boasted of a Koothu Parambu, a Kalari Parambu and a Kalapura Parambu. Presently, it is maintained by the Department of Archaeology, while the religious functions are carried out by a private trust. The temple is situated on the Paravur-Kodungallur Road.

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