The Manjumatha Church

Located at Pallippuram near Cherai in Kerala, the Manjumatha Church towers as a rare symbol of ardent faith which gave a twist in history. You cannot separate legend from history here, as the two are intertwined. The Pallippuram church also known as St. Mary's Church became a target during Tipu's invasion of the Kochi region in the 18th century. The terrified people shut themselves up inside the church and started praying. Legend has it that the church and its surroundings got shrouded in a fog which misled Tipu's army to turn away.

The church, which was in the name of Mother Mary or Matha, thus came to be called 'Manjumatha church' which means ' Church of Our Lady of Snows.' The ancient kadalattu grotto stands as a silent witness to the wonder that has become part of history here.

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