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The Legacy Beckons

A legendary port, the heart of the historic Spice Route, vanished off the grid over 3000 years ago. Historians and archaeologists hunted far and wide in search of it but to no avail. Then, one day, it rained in Pattanam, a small town in Kerala. The rains unearthed and revealed to mankind remnants of a legacy. The legacy of the lost port, Muziris....

The ancient world's greatest trading centre in the East, this legendary seaport traded in everything from spices to precious stones with the Greeks, Romans and the rest of the world. The Muziris Heritage Project will revive that lost legacy to conserve and showcase a culture of 3000 years or more for posterity.

Once the doorway to India for varied cultures and races including Buddhists, Arabs, Chinese, Jews, Romans, Portuguese, Dutch and even the British, Muziris has stood witness to civilisations being born, wars being waged and history being written.

Come... let us together clamber down the ladders of time to a past whose riddles await us. A past cloaked in the grandeur and glory of our ancestors...

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